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As Van Persie Joins United, Is It Finally Time For Chelsea To Bulk Up With Hulk?

Van Pursestrings signs for United

Yes. You read it right. The captain of Arsenal is joining Manchester United. What’s next? Viera and Keane having a beer and talking about the good ‘ol times?

I’m gunner get you

So i’m sitting at work, diligently working when I decide to check the online newspapers for a quick read, then my colleague sends me the link to the picture above. Surprised? No. Or is that Non, Monsieur Wenger. What I am surprised about though is why Chelsea, who have been linked with everyone from Hulk, Higuian, Lewandowski etc, have not bid for him. I can only speculate that this deal was actually agreed between club and player many moons ago and it’s Wenger who’s resisted, until now.

Surely this spells the end for the Bulgarian vampire that is Berbatov. With that new South American chap Henrqiuez joining, perhaps we could do no worse with a sulking Berba on our bench? Nah, we already had Le Sulk, what we need now is Le Hulk.

He eats his vitamins

So Roman, since yesterday’s outburst by Lukaku, who couldn’t be happier to leave on loan, and with Sturridge and Torres as our only recognised strikers, there’s only 2 weeks to go until the window is closed to sort out a deal for Hulk or Cavani, or both.

Why are we still persisting in wingers? Shurrle and Moses are still linked to the club, and unless Malouda is making way i’m not quite sure where De Bruyne will play next year. Will we play with two advanced wingers on either side of the pitch? Is this some radical new formation no one has ever though of? The 4-1-5?

Lewandowski says he isn’t going anywhere, but apparently Hulk and Cavani are too expensive. Let’s be honest, when has that stopped us in the past?

Chief Al

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One thought on “As Van Persie Joins United, Is It Finally Time For Chelsea To Bulk Up With Hulk?

  1. I was also wondering why Chelsea was never in the running for Van Persie as well. I am guessing Roman, Buck, etc are so intent on showing that they didn’t waste £50 mil on Torres that they don’t want another striker in to take any potential glory from the golden boot winner. They clearly also want to play like Barca so I wouldn’t expect any more strikers signed as they might not play with any at times this year. 4-1-5 indeed.

    Roll on the season. Chels gots some work to do.

    Chief Gord

    Posted by Gordon | August 18, 2012, 9:15 pm

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