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Finals, Here We Come

A first post by Chief Jacob

And on we go to “Roman’s Challenge” or as the rest of the world calls it the “Champions League Cup”.  No matter which team we end up taking on we will have some serious problems considering lack of player selection. No Ivo, Miereles or Ramires for the final due to multiple yellow cards and Terry’s STUPID foul for a red puts him out for the next match and possibly longer.  Things are looking a bit dicey especially in defense where those cards and injuries are piling up.  Here’s my breakdown:

Defense – Really hoping Luiz and Cahill are ready to go since we will need them both. Might even need Bertrand (is he eligible?) to play the right side. Bosi played ok but lets face it, he didn’t have to do much in the “defend or die” defense we employed in the second half against Barca and he was still getting beat on short cuts and passes through.  RDM (or whoever else is the manager after this season) will need to take a serious look at finding some more defensive substitution options.  Likely lineup (R to L): Bosi-Cahill-Luiz-Cole, provided they are all healthy

But will he be fit?

Midfield – We’ll have less problem filling out the midfield but Ramires has been one of the (arguably “THE”) best player for us this season and Miereles seems to have come around recently and been very dangerous.  That being said, we have had quite a few players filling out the 2-3 of our midfield recently with relative success.  This even includes some of our strikers, such as Kalou.  Selection here becomes more about who we match up with and where we can get our best scoring chances from.  Mikel has been better (still not brilliant in my opinion), Lampard is snake bitten but playing his heart out,    Likely lineup: (2 Defensive Mids) Mikel-Lampard (3 Attacking/Wing “Mids”)  Kalou-Mata-Torres/Malouda

Mikel has hit top form under RDM


Strikers – The choice here is a bit tricky since the loss of midfielders might require some striker deployment as wing mids as well as the current (good spirit) competition between Drogba and Torres.  As you all will never forget, Torres scored the nail in the coffin goal (to Gary Neville’s “orgasmic” delight) outracing not just all 3 defenders (who only plays 3 in defense anymore?) but the goalie as well.  Goal in hand or not, I still think RDM will go with the recent popular choice of Drogba up top to battle whatever defense is employed in front of him.  He just needs to stay on his feet and stop trying to play the flopping game as he tried to do for much of the Barca game. Likely lineup: Drogba with Torres possibly moving up top later in the game.

Still the top Drog

Regardless of the lineup, Chelsea cannot afford to play another “defend or die” game and CAN NOT take any poor fouls and sending offs.  Both Real and Bayern have too much talent and drive to let a depleted lineup such as ours away without putting a few past Cech (who has also been absolutely astounding lately).  We must find the goals early and hopefully often and put the game out of reach from the start.  I am personally tagging Lampard with responsibility of scoring his 4th of the competition and getting us off on the right foot.

Chief Jacob

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2 thoughts on “Finals, Here We Come

  1. Quote: ” Both Real and Bayern have too much talent and drive to let a depleted lineup such as ours away without putting a few past Cech (who has also been absolutely astounding lately)” ……! Since when did Real and Bayern begun playing better than Barca? Or the best team in the world is now Bayern? Personally, i don’t believe there’s any team out there at the moment with superlative talent than Barca. Tnx

    Posted by Harry Baku (@Yorxsah) | April 30, 2012, 8:23 am
    • Harry, I was not trying to say that Bayern (or Real, for that matter but who cares about them anymore…) was better than Barca. All I was saying was that all 3 teams (Barca included) are very capable of scoring against us especially considering the lack of depth we will have going into the game so we can’t just sit back and hold on like we did in the second game against Barca. We have to take the game to Bayern (increasingly more difficult due to the “home field advantage”). We will need to keep possession for ourselves as WELL an work the counter-attack that’s been so key lately. While the result over the weekend was superb and shows a real desire to win, we will not be playing the same (or even close to equal) team.

      Posted by farcyde21 | May 1, 2012, 12:22 am

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